Slowly coming together

Slowly coming together is not typically a phrase most entrepreneurs or even business owners for that matter want to hear. So why is my new business slowly coming together?

A few reasons but the main reason is the time. The lack of time I have to put aside to build my business. Having time or making time is a critical component of building a business. One of the first questions you should ask yourself, is HOW MUCH TIME are you willing to commit to working ON your business?

Building a business is time consuming, there is many wrong choices, many moments of hesitation and many more moments of staring at the screen and thinking WHAT?

For a new business to get off the ground in this digital world, you need to have domain name, a business name, an ABN, a website, a facebook page, social media, online systems, an online calendar, so many different things to get sorted and to do.

Oh how good would it be to have a guide!

Been the fourth business I have setup in the past ten years has opened my eyes to the lack of help and assistance available to new businesses.

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